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“The Travel Cat” Breakaway Cat Collar

Sale price$5.00 Regular priceMSRP$10.35
Color:Blue Reflective
“The Travel Cat” Breakaway Cat Collar
“The Travel Cat” Breakaway Cat Collar Sale price$5.00 Regular priceMSRP$10.35

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Good quality collar

Nice collar, and I love the bright reflective stripe & the breakaway design. In a year, my kitty has scratched off the reflective stripe and I wanted to replace it with a brighter color, but your bright colors don’t come with the stripe. I had hoped you would have expanded your options, since she is dark grey and the black doesn’t show up, especially without the reflective stripe.

Justin Bohm
great added security when out and about

my girl is always harnessed and leashed when we go out, but having a collar with her information on it is just an extra layer of protection should the worst happen. the breakaway feature holds well but snaps with mild force, meaning it will stay on when you want it to and break off when/if it needs to. the reflective tape is great on the colors that offer it, but I wish it came on the pink ones!

Jennifer Austin
Absolutely Purrrfect!

Love the “release” feature as much as the reflective stripe on the collar! Baxter also has a “night-light” that clips to this collar w/ his rabies tag! I never want him to leave my sight, so I always walk w/ him in neighborhood/ park w/out the need of a leash. We have a travel backpack yet he is impressively mature such as a dog, thus it's just an option for trips to the vet, etc. I LOVE supporting a “local” & furthermore a FEMALE owned company! 😻😘👍

May H

Defeats the purpose of having a collar as it snaps off very easily. I didn't use it when we are outside because my cat can just snap out of it very easily with slightest force. I used it for maybe 10 minutes while collar training my cat indoor. I know, it's break away collar and supposed to snap off. I just didn't realize it will snap off very easily.

Carole Norton
Mobility Possibilities

The backpack is sturdy and well-designed. Big enough for two small cats or perfect for our larger 10 year old.