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"The Pathfinder" Cat Harness & Tractive GPS Device Bundle

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Tractive GPS Style:

Tractive GPS Style

Harness Size:

Harness Size

Color:Blue Sky

Why It Rocks

Peace of mind is an absolute necessity when it comes to taking your cat outside. 


That's why we teamed up with Tractive, the #1 cat tracking company in the world, to bring you this dynamic duo: The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker & "The Pathfinder" Cat Harness with GPS Tracker Pocket so you can have that reassurance.


We built this GPS harness specifically for your cats outdoor adventures - to fit these trackers in the best and most comfortable position for your cat, so you can follow every step. 


This is the only harness on the market to have a tracking device pocket on the top back of the harness, a spot where it is comfortable and won't bother the cat, instead of attaching your tracker to a breakaway collar that could get unclipped.“The Pathfinder” harness securely carries your tracking device in a clear window pocket, so you won't accidentally head out without the device. 


It also has a reflective strip and edging for ultimate visibility!


This innovative tracker harness finally offers a secure solution for tracking without adding extra weight to your cat’s neck. Use this tracking harness with your rechargeable, wearable Tractive device and ALWAYS know where your cat is - any time of day, no matter how far. So if your cat is sniffing the neighbors trash or venturing a path less traveled, you’ll find them. 


Tractive GPS connects to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile LTE across the United States. LTE provides the longest range of any cellular band and updates to your phone regardless of how far away you might be - even across the world! Tractive devices work in 150+ countries.


This harness comes with your choice of the Tractive Mini OR Tractive Original Tracker

Harness Features

  • Tracking device pocket fits both the Tractive Mini, Tractive Original, and other tracking devices measuring 2.7L x 1.5W x .7inD (71L x 39W x 18mmD)
  • The tracking pocket is clear, to help you see the device & know you're ready to go - no more forgotten trackers!
  • Reflective edging & strip for ultimate visibility.
  • This Vest-Style Harness secures comfortably while still giving your cat range of motion to explore.
  • Comes in two colorful patterns for more visibility - and more fun of course!
  • Includes a reflective 6ft nylon leash.
  • Add "The Captain" Retractable Leash for even more range of freedom and control!

Tracking Features

Track your cat's real-time location and activity with Tractive's GPS Pet Tracker. This waterproof device attaches to any collar and provides unlimited distance location updates on your smartphone. Monitor your furry friend's location history, activity levels, and calorie burn. With a subscription plan, this lightweight tracker works worldwide using a mobile network. Simply attach it to your cat's collar and start tracking via the free Tractive GPS app on iOS, Android, or any browser. Adventure awaits!


All - Cost Covered Subscription - One easy payment a month for priceless peace of mind.

Live Updates - Tractive updates every 2-3 seconds so you know exactly where they are in that very moment.

Virtual Fences - Set up a boundary so you know if they’ve ventured a bit too far outside of your comfort zone.

Location History - See where they’ve been and where their favorite spots to explore are.

Monitor their sleep & activity.

100% Waterproof - This tracking device is designed for even the most curious kitties.

Measurement Guide

"The Pathfinder" Cat Harness & Tractive GPS Device Bundle
"The Pathfinder" Cat Harness & Tractive GPS Device Bundle Sale price$50.00 Regular priceMSRP$99.95

Customer Reviews

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Robert Lunte


Catherine Alston

It has taken me a while to find a harness both my cats and I love - and this is the one. They prefer the H-style and I like the broader strap at their neck. Haven't yet started the GPS device but excited to try that in action.