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"The Pathfinder" Cat Harness with GPS Tracker Pocket - Powered by Tractive

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Color:Blue Sky


Why It Rocks

When it comes to taking your kitty on adventures, you can’t be too careful. Whether it’s a stroll around the block or a campout in the woods, you need a reliable way to find your fur baby if they stray too far away. 


That’s why we teamed up with the #1 pet tracker Tractive, to offer every cat parent peace of mind with "The Pathfinder" Powered By Tractive Cat Harness. 


This innovative tracker harness finally offers a secure solution for tracking without adding extra weight to your cat’s neck.


This is the only harness on the market to have a tracking device pocket on the top back of the harness, a spot where it is comfortable and won't bother the cat, instead of attaching your tracker to a breakaway collar that could get unclipped.“The Pathfinder” harness securely carries your tracking device in a clear window pocket, so you won't accidentally head out without the device. 


It also has a reflective strip & edging for ultimate visibility!


Use this harness with your rechargeable, wearable Tractive devices (Tractive device not included, but purchase the bundle here) to ALWAYS know where your cat is - any time of day, no matter how far. So if your cat is sniffing the neighbors trash or venturing a path less traveled, you’ll find them.


Tractive GPS connects to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile LTE across the United States. LTE provides the longest range of any cellular band and updates to your phone regardless of how far away you might be - even across the world! Tractive devices work in 150+ countries.


This harness fits both the Tractive Mini & Tractive Original Trackers




  • Tracking device pocket fits both the Tractive Mini, Tractive Original, and other tracking devices measuring 2.7L x 1.5W x .7inD (71L x 39W x 18mmD)
  • The tracking pocket is clear, to help you see the device & know you're ready to go - no more forgotten trackers!
  • Reflective edging & strip for ultimate visibility.
  • This Vest-Style Harness secures comfortably while still giving your cat range of motion to explore.
  • Comes in two colorful patterns for more visibility - and more fun of course!
  • Includes a reflective 6ft nylon leash.
  • Add "The Captain" Retractable Leash for even more range of freedom and control!

How Tractive Works

Track your cat's real-time location and activity with Tractive's GPS Pet Tracker. This waterproof device attaches to any collar and provides unlimited distance location updates on your smartphone. Monitor your furry friend's location history, activity levels, and calorie burn. With a subscription plan, this lightweight tracker works worldwide using a mobile network. Simply attach it to your cat's collar and start tracking via the free Tractive GPS app on iOS, Android, or any browser. Adventure awaits!

Our Favorite Tractive Features

All - Cost Covered Subscription - One easy payment a month for priceless peace of mind.

Live Updates - Tractive updates every 2-3 seconds so you know exactly where they are in that very moment.

Virtual Fences - Set up a boundary so you know if they’ve ventured a bit too far outside of your comfort zone.

Location History - See where they’ve been and where their favorite spots to explore are.

Monitor their sleep & activity.

100% Waterproof - This tracking device is designed for even the most curious kitties.

Measurement Guide

"The Pathfinder" Cat Harness with GPS Tracker Pocket - Powered by Tractive
"The Pathfinder" Cat Harness with GPS Tracker Pocket - Powered by Tractive Sale price$25.00 Regular priceMSRP$49.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kimiko Watson
Great for my Wanderer

Bader loves to wander and has a habit of removing her collar. The vest has been a great solution. It fits well and she still has freedom of movement. The pouch safely contains the Tracker, even during her mighty dirt rolls. This is a great and, more importantly, quite useful product.

Great harness!

With two active 4kg Bengal cats, we have tried several harnesses. Our cats went on a revolution each time it was time to put on their harness - front legs out, back legs pedalling away, claws out, meows of discontent punctuating the air to anyone who would care to hear about their complaints. Not to mention that they could escape from their harnesses on hikes as well, which was the greatest cause of concern.

The Pathfinder Cat Harness with GPS Tracker Pocket is clearly more comfortable for our feline fiends. Going on walks doesn´t start with a battle now, while the harness allows for their GPS trackers to sit comfortably on their backs. So far, our cats have not managed to wiggle out of this harness, but the best part is that they do not try to, either.

We are very content with our Pathfinder Harnesses and our cats seem to approve as well. Recommended!

Samantha Shepherd
Great backpack for adventurous cats and people

This cat backpack is the best backpack for adventurous cats and people - just as the description says.

It is a large back pack so a big cat can fit inside (mine is 6.6 kg). I like that the paneling is mesh so it provides breathability and privacy for my cat. The structure of the backpack is also great so the backpack doesn't collapse in on my cat.

The biggest thing for me is how good it is for hiking and adventures. I've found other backpacks focus on just getting space for the cat but I need options for pockets to fit food and water for both myself and my cat on long hikes - which this product provides. The back of the backpack is also hard/firm with a solid structure to reduce back pain.

Thank you guys!

Natali Evans
Poor description

The size chart is inaccurate. Based on my cats measurements and measurements of the harness he wears I ordered a Large. This was 12/12/23 and was told it would ship 12/15/23. Then I was told it wouldn’t ship until 1/15/24. When I mentioned the major date change they somehow found “one in the wear house” and sent it, but was way too big. I asked for a return/refund and the refused insisting that they would send a smaller size instead. I agreed and then 2 weeks later was sent a size medium of a completely different harness. At this point I was so frustrated that I said I wanted the refund/return. After a few back and forth emails with me ultimately demanding a refund they agreed. I just got my refund but again it took several back and forth emails and me sending a picture of the tracking to prove they received the harness.

The only reason for 2 stars is because the harness did appear to be well made I just got fed up with their poor customer service.


The advertised sizing is way off and it didn’t fit, but they wouldn’t let me return it. Also took two months to receive the item. And customer service was super unhelpful. Will never buy from this company again.